Help Wanted

I need your help! I am going to volunteer regularly with a local organization while I am here in Cape Town, but I can’t decide which one to choose! Here are the ones I have narrowed it down to:

  • Brooklyn Chest TB Hospital – A hospital funded by the Department of Health which assists children and patients from disadvantaged communities who are suffering from TB and cannot afford better treatment. I would be working in the school or Pediatrics ward, which has about 40 babies. Volunteer hours are in the afternoon. *I was able to visit this site and playing with the kids was so much fun, but I’m not sure if I want this opportunity to have a larger advocacy role and that probably wouldn’t happen here.
  • Young in Prison – YiP offers creative, recreational, and educational programming for incarcerated youth in order to make beneficial use of their time in prison. There seems to be a bit of flexibility in the times of this program depending on your goals, but actually working in the prison would be a morning job. I would work with about 15-20 kids and have a 3:1 ratio of volunteers to youths.
  • Passop – Passop is a grassroots human rights non-profit devoted to protecting the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in South Africa. They work to foster education and community participation as well as provide workshops. *This opportunity sounds amazing because it would allow for a lot of first hand work with advocacy campaigns and is flexible as far as what you can work on and what times you can work. My slight problem is that I won’t engage with many South Africans… but I will be with lots of other African people so it still is a great opportunity.
Any input you have would be greatly appreciated!!