About Me

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Salaamu 3alaykum, my name is Abbey. I’m a development professional who lives in Washington, DC.

Before that I served as a Youth Development Volunteer for over three years with the United States Peace Corps. I lived in a small town in southern Morocco that is nestled into the Anti-Atlas Mountains and surrounded by a desert oasis. In Morocco they call me Abir (عبير) which means “the fragrance of flowers.”


As a Youth Development Volunteer my primary work assignment was at a youth center, called a Dar Chebab, where I worked with teenagers and provided after-school programming. I also worked with women, focusing on health and exercise, and youth with special needs and their caregivers in my community. Additionally, I served on the Serving People With Special Needs Committee for Peace Corps Morocco (you can learn more about our work here).


To me, life is all about taking risks and working passionately every day toward those things that set your heart on fire. Always keeping my camera close by and writing here are the ways I seek those truths in my life and share the way I view the world.

Cheers to the next adventure!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Can’t wait to follow your wonderful jouney! As I write this, you are about 45 minutes from departing London
    Love you, Grampa

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