the blog it home contest


GUYS. Amazing news!

I was chosen as a finalist in Peace Corps’ annual “Blog It Home” contest!!

The finalists (there’s 20 of us!) were chosen from more than 400 different blogs that are written by Peace Corps Volunteers all over the world. There is now a public voting contest on Facebook to determine the winners, who will be sent to Washington, DC in October to participate in a week full of intercultural sharing, professional development and sharing.

To vote for my blog please click on this link and “like” my photo (and share it on your own social media)!!!

The contest ends on Monday, August 10, so please vote and encourage your friends and any strangers you see on the street to do the same :)

Writing for this blog has been a beautiful and cathartic experience for me during my Peace Corps service so far, a way to both chronicle and work through my experiences. I never expected to receive a lot of attention for it — and especially not through a contest that could send me back to my favorite city in the world!

In honor of the contest I thought I’d go back and look at the posts I’ve written over my past 20 months of service.

Here are my 5 favorite posts! Click on the links to read more!

  1. 365 Days in Morocco: Year One By The Numbers — this post sums up my first year as a PCV and chronicles, by the numbers, the milestones of the beginning of my service
  2. It’s Wedding Season! — attending weddings is one of my favorite things to do in my community! in this post i describe what a traditional amazigh wedding is like where i live (don’t forget to listen to the audio clip!)
  3. How To Stay Cool in the Sahara — probably my most embarrassing post to date (why did i think those selfies were a good idea again?), in this entry i give some advice on how to survive living in one of the hottest places in the world — the sahara desert!
  4. the first desert rain — a story about the beautiful experience that is rain in the desert
  5. On quantifying your work — in this post i talk about the reports peace corps volunteers write about our projects, and why it will never truly capture the impacts we make

Tell me what you think!

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