Anita Comes to Morocco!

This month I hosted my first visitor to Morocco! My Auntie Anita and I have been close ever since I can remember, but I couldn’t believe it when she e-mailed me a few months ago stating she planned to come visit me. I don’t think I truly believed it was real until I saw her walk out of the international arrivals gate in Casablanca, more than five hours after her scheduled landing.

Thanks to the many Moroccans and fellow Peace Corps Volunteers we met along the way who made our trip anything but boring. Here are a few photos of our travels through Fes, Chefchaouen, Essaouira, and Marrakech!


5 thoughts on “Anita Comes to Morocco!

  1. Abbey – How fun for you to have your Aunt Anita visit you. Your photos are breathtaking! I love the beautiful colors in the photos and the detail in the buildings. Thank you for sharing! HOBY hugs! Rose

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