Through the Windows of Buses

Since swearing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I’ve clocked more than 2,000 miles on various forms of transportation throughout Morocco. And every time I hop on a bus (or a train, or a taxi, or…) I’m amazed by the diversity of the terrain in this country. I can start a journey surrounded by rolling green hills and end in the snow capped Atlas Mountains. Sometimes my route hugs the coast and all I can see is the ocean, whereas on other journeys I may not see water for the entire seven-hour trek. I’ve seen wildlife varying from livestock, such as cows and donkeys, to peering out to watch the goats that climb trees or having to wait patiently as a herd of camels crosses the road.

And to think the majority of my travels have only been south of Marrakech! There’s so much left to see!

Here are some snapshots captured with my iPhone through the windows of buses over the past few months…


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