Most blog writers like to do an end of the year recap about how wonderful the past year has been and all of the blessings it brought to their lives.  But I’m not going to do that.

Quite honestly – I’m not going to miss 2013.

This past year was cast in a shadow of waiting. Always waiting. I spent the entirety of 2013 in some stage of the Peace Corps application process — waiting for clearances, waiting for my invitation, waiting for paperwork, waiting for clarity, waiting for my time to come. I felt like I was in a constant state of limbo, unable to control my fate. I could only control my mindset — and my patience.

But as much as last year was marked by the word “wait,” I like to think of 2013 as my rebuilding year. Football coaches often say they’re having a “rebuilding” year when it’s time to start over. Start from scratch. Cut out the excess.

That’s what I did. In May I graduated college, said goodbye to all of my friends, and moved back in with my family in Texas. I made tough choices and cut things out of my life that weren’t benefiting me anymore. I added things to my life that would make me stronger and happier (see here). I was in the unique position to start over and take control of my life. It was agonizing, and it was liberating. I worked every day to become the person I wanted to be.

So while I’m thankful to 2013 for helping me find my center, I was more than happy to see its tail end. And in the spirit of living out of the shadow of wait in 2014, I didn’t sit around on New Year’s Eve and wait for the year to change. I went to the movies with my family and skipped the countdown entirely. I’m done waiting.

I feel confident and strong and beautiful and healthy. I’m more ready than ever to move to Morocco and find adventure. Cheers to you 2013 — and good riddance.

Here are some of the things that helped me find my center in 2013:

601566_10151954853483653_240274638_n 968902_10151835168788653_1358799016_nIMG_39521383014_10151954853653653_1087254556_n1383812_10151954852338653_479527724_n1384198_10151995916863653_6337700_n1424436_10152028131978653_160376574_n1457483_10152152479148653_140667078_n1545218_10152185679753653_1612510421_nIMG_34931527127_10152152482103653_210377741_n1374783_10151954850098653_1717824351_nIMG_3696IMG_3741IMG_3842IMG_3963IMG_3994

Special thanks to those friends who stood by me through the thick and thin of 2013, and for always supporting me (you know who you are). Special thanks also to all those who hosted me in my travels this past year — Charlotte, Boston, NYC, DC, Vegas — y’all were truly my guardian angels.


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