The 100 Day Countdown

Friday marks 100 days until I leave for Morocco and begin my adventure with the Peace Corps. Wow.

You might be curious… What exactly does a future Peace Corps Volunteer do with their last 100 days in the United States?

It’s long enough that I still feel like I have a lot of time (too much time, perhaps…), but short enough that I’m approaching each day with a new-found sense of urgency. 100 days means lots of “to-do” lists. It’s a mixture of preparing for Morocco as much as I can, but living in the present and being with my family. It means still making big goals that I can work towards — learning beginner Arabic and French, and running a half-marathon — but taking the time to enjoy the little moments every day that I know I’m going to miss the most.

Even though my enthusiasm to serve often means the anticipation of waiting overwhelms me, I am determined to celebrate each of the last 100 days.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to the most:

photo (2)
photo (1)
photo (4)photo (3)IMG_2718

  1. On Monday nights I teach a reading and writing class to adult learners in downtown Dallas with LIFT. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week and I’ve enjoyed getting to know my students so much since I first met them in July. It’s amazing how much learning to read can change a person’s life — and the fact that most of my students are twice my age, work full-time, and have families to take care of and they still attend class twice weekly is incredible.
  2. My beginner Arabic lessons (thank goodness I have 100 days left to work on this one!)
  3. At the end of October I’ll be visiting Washington, D.C. to hang out with some of my favorite people!
  4. I’m running the Dallas Half-Marathon in December. I’ve never been a distance runner, so this has been a very difficult but rewarding personal goal of mine to work toward!
  5. One of the silver linings about leaving in January is that I’ll be here throughout the holiday season to be with my family! It’s been really great to watch my sister perform in her play (That’s all of us after Suessical the Musical above), celebrate birthdays, see my sisters dressed up for the Homecoming dance, and to spend time with my parents. If they aren’t sick of me after these past 4 months at home, I’m sure the last 100 days will do the trick!

Cheers to a great 100 days America!

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