My Summer Manifesto

Hi there! It’s been a while. One of my goals this summer is to start blogging again… so here we go!

While we’re talking about goals, here is my Summer Manifesto:

The Summer Manifesto was inspired by a great blog that I follow regularly, who in turn got the idea from this blog.

I have already started working towards these goals, but it was great to finally write them down and make them “official.” Hanging it up on the fridge as a daily reminder will go a long way to achieving all of them!

Progress on my goals so far…

  • I’ve lost 6 pounds while on The 17 Day Diet (today is day 5 of cycle 1)
  • Offered a phone interview for an internship in DC
  • Ran 12 miles this week (+ biked another 4)!
  • And here is my first blog post since living in Cape Town!

Summer 2012: I’m ready! Let’s do this.

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