24 days left.

I have a little over 3 weeks left in South Africa… and I am absolutely freaking out. I have some amazing adventures to look forward to after Cape Town, but I can’t help but tear up when I think about leaving this place.

I don’t know how it’s possible to love something so deeply after such a short amount of time. I have lived in South Africa for 102 days and it has touched me more than I could have ever imagined.

My boyfriend Daniel was visiting me here for the past 2 weeks, and being able to share the love and passion I have for my life here with my best friend gave me such joy. It also made me realize how much I have integrated into Cape Town life. I rarely get asked about being American anymore, but Daniel made us stick out like a sore thumb sometimes. I have figured out how to speak with a South African accent and integrate their slang terms into my daily life. I can make all 3 of the clicks used in the Xhosa language. I primarily listen to South African music and I stay up to date with the news. Living here feels like a whole different world sometimes, it’s so easy to feel disconnected from everything that is going on back in the States.

But at the same time there is so much that I have yet to experience here. These next three weeks are going to be a scramble to check everything off my “Cape Town bucket list” all while studying and taking my exams. But I know in my heart that I will come back. I will not be saying “goodbye” to South Africa on November 15… only “see you later.”

I promise to post more frequently in the upcoming days about everything that has happened lately… because I have lots of updates to report! But for now I will leave you with my favorite South African song of the moment. It’s in the language Xhosa and is sung by Zahara. I’m on the hunt for her CD because I can’t get her songs out of my head (even if I don’t know all of the words)!

Tell me what you think!

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