The Best Days Are Yet To Be

I have been in Cape Town for nearly six weeks now, can you believe it??? Time has been moving so quickly, and it will only continue to zoom by! Here are the things I am looking forward to the most:

  • Tomorrow morning I am leaving to spend the weekend in Johannesburg! We are visiting the apartheid museum, attending a play/opera about Nelson Mandela, spending time in Soweto, and going to a soccer game at the world cup stadium!
  • Spring Break is 3-11 September! My friends and I are staying at a hostel called Kruger View in Komatipoort. It is located just outside the entrance to Kruger National Park, which is one of the largest game reserves in Africa! We will be less than an hour’s drive from both Swaziland and Mozambique. We are planning to do game drives and safaris in Kruger and day trips to the nearby countries (gotta fill up the passport!). I am so excited…I can’t believe it’s only in 2 weeks!
  • In September I am planning on doing a weekend homestay in Khayelitsha, which is a black township outside of Cape Town.
  • My boyfriend Daniel comes to visit me in Cape Town from 13-21 October!! I am already planning activities for us to do and it is 2 months away :)

I am counting down the days until each of these events… but at the same time I want the days to go by slower. I’m not ready to be half-way done with my trip yet!

Above is a series of photographs I took of Cape Town last Sunday. Some of my friends and I did a sunset hike of Lion’s Head Mountain and then hung out at the top and watched the full moon rise. It was absolutely beautiful! This city never ceases to take my breath away.


If you are looking for more updates from students around the world, here are the links to the blogs of some of my friends:

Daniel – Haifa, Israel
Tor – Dunedin, New Zealand
Erin – Copenhagen, Denmark
Eric – Cairo, Egypt
Lesley –  Melbourne, Australia/Glasgow, Scotland

2 thoughts on “The Best Days Are Yet To Be

  1. Nice work with the blog links. I feel the same way. I’ve been here two months. My midsemester break this THIS FRIDAY!!!! Thank God I still have three months!

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