The Journey Begins

Sunday, 10 July

My 7 hour flight to London left from Dulles at 8:30pm. I sat next to a really cute old lady from Scotland who was slightly hard to understand, but was very fun to talk to. Our neighbors to the front got really fussy and ended up upgrading to first class about an hour into the flight. The woman next to me then sat up in the evacuated row and I was left to a row all by myself! I got to lay across them and stretch out my legs, it was wonderful.

I would also like to mention that British Airways is delightful if for no other reason than listening to their delightful accents for the entire flight. The pilot was adorable and the explanation of procedures on the video was pretty funny (the thing to pull if you need the air mask is called a “streamer”). I was offered so much wine and alcohol on the plane it almost got ridiculous. I opted out though, because I wasn’t sure how I’d react to it (high altitudes, just saying all of my goodbyes, nervous and anxious, etc.). I think it was a solid choice in the end.

I barely slept, maybe only two hours if you add all of the time together, but all in all it was a really decent flight.


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