The Final Days

Three more days in DC before I begin my adventure to Cape Town!

My apartment is (almost) all packed up, my suitcases are (almost) all packed up, got my passport and visa… now I just have to sit and wait until Sunday night gets here! And run some last minute errands. My flight leaves from DC on Sunday night and I fly 7.5 hours to London. Then I have a 10 hour layover and plan to taxi over to Windsor and tour the castle and do a little sightseeing. I am finally Cape Town bound at 7:30pm (London time) on Monday night and arrive at 8:00am. Yes you read that correctly… an 11 hour and 30 minute flight. Bringing us to a total of nearly 30 hours! Jeez.

Hopefully I can make it until then! I am nearly dying of anticipation already.


4 thoughts on “The Final Days

  1. All you need to worry about is getting there and settling in.Mom is nervous for you too, I’m glad you have gotten you’re phone thing figured out! Mabey this will be a lot better way to comunicate on what you are doing and how you’re doing. It’s a good idea to do this i hopde you post pics and stuff. Love ya sista!

  2. I know you’re excited, pls try and get some sleep on the trip to London. Enjoy Winsor Castle and get back tio the airport in plenty of time. Stay safe and ejoy everything! This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

    I love you girl,

    Nonnie xxxxxxx

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